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Western Michigan Aviation Academy

Aviation Academy / September 28, 2020

Time surely does fly when you’re having fun, that’s what I have learned during my short three years as an aviation flight science student at Western Michigan University. Graduation is quickly approaching, and I find myself contemplating my chosen path in my major. There are so many different career paths to choose after graduation, that it almost seems overwhelming. Fortunately, if you get involved on campus as a freshman, the transition will be clean cut. My advice to future students at the College of Aviation would be to GET INVOLVED, network, and stay positive!

Two years ago, I hadn’t graduated high school yet. I was flying full speed ahead towards my senior year and my summer was packed with service trips, ACT prep, college tours, and a job. When I first discovered Western held an Aviation Summer Camp, I wasn’t originally sure if I would be able to fit it into my schedule. However, making the time was the best choice I made regarding my ultimate career and college decision.

Aviation is one the highest regarded industries known worldwide. It requires extensive training, knowledgeable background, and a passion for the skies. Aviation is a diverse field connecting unique individuals from all over the world. Many people divide aviation into three categories; pilots, mechanics, and administrators. However, aviation includes many jobs that go unnoticed.