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Process to become a pilot

  1. Train with us! To become a pilot, first make sure to get the right training for just about any pilot career.
  2. Finance your pilot training. VT AAA is a VA Benefits Approved School. We also have $10, 000 scholarship and financing available.
  3. Work with us! Obtain the required flight hours fast, free and get paid as our CFI.
  4. Dream with us! Get an interview with a regional airline and get hired with tuition reimbursement and bonuses.

Train with us!

To Become a pilot, first, get the right training. The proven way to become a successful pilot is to equip yourself with airline based training from the start. Our training, the Ab Initio training is what hiring managers want.

Here is the list of training attributes that recruiters value!

  • Ab Initio training
  • Airline crew leadership training
  • Individual instruction and mentoring
  • Structured teaching from a 141 Flight School
  • Proven integrity and reliability
  • Aviation degree or some college
  • High flight hours: 250 & a CFI for an airline interview, 1, 500 to be hired
  • The right Licenses and Certificates for sUAS and aviation careersPlan your path to your career and start flying.

VT AAA offers the training listed above, financing, scholarships, and alliances to build the pilot career of your dreams. We offer a 10% discount to military/VA benefits approved academy. For more information on career options and financing! Contact us for a quick info session form.

Finance your pilot Training

Fourth, build the business case for obtaining a scholarship, loan or asking for help financing training! You don’t have to do that alone!

  • We can help you discover the finance options available to you as an individual.

Work with us!

Obtain your flight hours fast, and get paid.

  • Once you finish your training, we hire you as a flight instructor with us.
  • We guarantee a job with us as a flight instructor if you do well in your training.
  • You will need to pass your tests and do well on the interview.
  • Learn more, fill out our info request form and ask about the guaranteed CFI Job.

Dream with us!

Our Regional Airline and sUAS bridge partners want to interview and hire our students.

  • VT AAA offers
  • Interviews with regional airline bridge partners including SkyWest, Republic, ExpressJet, GoJet, Trans State, Compass, and much more.
  • We also help with Fedex and UPS regional freight airlines and business jets along with others.
  • Call today or submit an application and get help creating the career path that is right for you. 830-423-6446 you can also go to our Bridge partners page, for more information.