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Pilot training in Florida

Pilot Training / March 31, 2023

At the College of Aeronautics we prepare our students to be successful in long careers in all aspects of the aviation industry - that includes the pilot of the aircraft. Florida Tech offers flight options with many undergraduate degrees through the College of Aeronautics. The flight training program for all flight option bachelor’s degrees consists of four flight courses. The flight training sequence is an integrated series of courses designed to prepare the student for a career as a commercial pilot. Upon successful completion of the flight program pilots will have earned at minimum their commercial pilot certificate with instrument and multiengine ratings, and at least of 190 hours of flight training.

ATP Requirements

Florida Tech offers a 3-course, 6-credit airline pilot training sequence that leads to a type rating in either the Airbus 320 (A320) or Boeing 737 (B737). We are currently the only regionally accredited national university to offer large jet airliner type rating courses for academic credit that may be applied to a 4-year bachelor's degree. Here, you can get a head start on the path to becoming a commercial airline pilot by earning a type rating before you graduate.

The FAA now requires a minimum of 1, 500 hours of flight time to qualify for Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) privileges. Pilots pursuing certain degrees along with their flight training at Florida Tech however are able to qualify for a restricted privileges ATP certificate significantly earlier. Graduates of any degree with a flight option from the College of Aeronautics gives the pilot the opportunity to qualify for a restricted privileges ATP certificate at 1, 000 hours, allowing them to pursue employment with airlines much earlier than many of their peers.

Source: coa.fit.edu