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Aviation Academy / December 4, 2020

aviation programIn addition to its strong college-preparatory curriculum and exemplary Marine Corps Junior ROTC program, Marine Military Academy offers a professional high school aviation program for boys who wish to take to the skies.

The high school aviation program at, known as the, is taught through a private contractor that provides academic aerospace courses as well as actual flight training. MMA’s Air Wing offers currently enrolled students two advanced courses. The aerospace electives, which follow the Jeppesen-Sanderson pilot training syllabus, provides the student with the knowledge necessary to pass their private pilot written exam. Additional courses are available to take the cadet all the way through to instrument, commercial and certified flight instructor certifications. Read more about the program in .

High School Aviation Program Courses

aviation programAerospace I:
Aerospace I is a two-semester ground school course providing the foundation for the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam. The course is a graded science elective and counts toward graduation credit. Students are automatically enrolled in Aerospace II, which is the actual flight training portion of the aviation program.

Aerospace II:
Aerospace II is a hands-on flying course designated to prepare the student to pass the FAA check ride and oral exam for the private pilot certificate. A minimum of 40 flight hours are required, half of which must be dual instruction. Class registration fees do not include simulator time, activity fees, flight time and flight instruction, which are all billed separately. Aerospace II is a graded Pass/Fail course and is not applied toward graduation credit.

Summer Aviation Program

The summer high school aviation program offers an option for aspiring pilots attending Marine Military Academy Summer Camp. The camp is held by MMA’s Air Wing and includes flight experience for boys ages 13 and over.

aviation programMarine Military Academy Summer Camp Aviation Program

The Marine Military Academy Summer Camp program introduces numerous activities that challenge boys ages 13 to 17 both mentally and physically. Summer campers can choose to add on an aerospace elective allowing them to receive safety briefings, ground instruction and up to five sorties in a Cessna 152 or 172 or a Piper PA-28 aircraft under the supervision of our FAA certified pilots in a safe and controlled environment. The summer aviation program in 2012 was extremely successful with over 75 summer campers taking the aviation program add-on. For those campers returning in the fall this provided their introduction to the MMA High School Aviation Program.

aviation program Marine Military Academy Cadets also earned the following during this summer:

Flight Encampment Wings

Austin Maeyama, Trey Parker, Jonathan Kolb, Kendall Mahar, Billy Sanders, Anthony Delgadillo, Henry Frost, Logan Workman

Senio Camp Wings

Christopher Dunn and Nick Beall

FAA Written Examination Completion

Logan Workman – Private Pilot

Trey Parker – Private Pilot

Austin Maeyama – Instrument Pilot

Solo Wings

Logan Workman, Anthony Delgadillo, Jonathan Kolb, Billy Sanders, Henry Frost, Trey Parker

Source: www.mma-tx.org