Advanced Aviation Training

Advanced Aviation Training

Aviation Training / June 16, 2019

Education and practice is an on-going effort in any field, especially aviation. Advanced Aviation Training Solutions provides Upset Prevention & Recovery training that is designed for pilots of all skill levels. During our training the pilot will learn more about stall, unusual attitude and spin prevention.

Advanced Aviation Training Solutions provides training for the military and private sector. These pilots not only desire this “specialty” training but require it to stay safe. Today’s aviation training does not currently offer a tangible solution that teaches the necessary skill set that is required to effectively deal with Loss of control In-Flight (LOC-I) using readily available assets and knowledge resources. This is primarily due to the perceived risk of thorough upset prevention and recovery training, the limited accuracy of full-flight and in-flight simulator fidelity in extreme flight conditions, and the stark absence of instructor knowledge to effectively teach all-attitude all-envelope recovery procedures.

At Advanced Aviation Training Solutions, we have over 80 years of combined experience, teaching upset recovery techniques to hundreds of pilots of all experience levels in aircraft that is designed for this type of training.

Upset, Prevention and Recovery Training from El Raco on Vimeo.

For many years, the term ‘Upset Prevention & Recovery Recovery Training’ has been a specialized in identifying a highly disciplined advanced flight training. Depending upon the reference or whom you are speaking to, Upset Prevention & Recovery Training can be limited to a narrow spectrum of docile non-stalled out-of-the-ordinary flight conditions or can encompass the entire spectrum of emergency maneuver situations from classic power-off stalls to extreme unusual attitudes to wake turbulence to fully developed aerodynamic spins.