CTC Aviation Training

Aviation Training / May 23, 2020

We are recognised worldwide as experts in the profession of training airline pilots.

Whether it’s for ab initio trainees at the start of their flying career, or qualified experienced pilots needing new skills for career development into command or training roles.

The ability to outsource to a specialist and high quality training provider is becoming increasingly popular with airline managers who need additional support within busy operational departments.

We were founded to provide specialist training expertise and skills to our Airline Partners, many of whom still receive our services today.

Our commitment to excellence is the hallmark of our company and one which has achieved global recognition from airlines and regulators alike.

Our instructors, whether airline training captains delivering type training or our ab initio instructors teaching foundation flying skills, are all highly-trained, dedicated aviation professionals. They are selected for their enthusiasm and skills to transfer their considerable knowledge, skills and experience.

Our partners

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