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Aviator School

Aviation School / May 25, 2022

At Aviator, we offer a premier After School Program for our local community. Serving Brooklyn means catering to diverse communities and campers with unique personalities. That’s what makes Aviator Camps special.

Our After School Program offers professional homework aide and helps to develop positive study habits and problem-solving skills. Once homework is complete, we take advantage of Aviator’s 175, 000 sq. foot facility providing specialized recreation activities in Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Sky Jump, Arts & Crafts, Dance, and a variety of sports. Our well­-rounded program helps to build healthy bodies, encourage lifelong learning, and develop moral character in our campers.

Highly Qualified Staff

We pride ourselves on the level of experience and dedication each staff member brings to Aviator’s After School Program. Our staff members are all trained on the most effective teaching methods to use when helping with homework, tutoring students, and helping to develop good study habits. They have been trained in CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross. In the years we have been running our camps program, we have always prioritized the safety and education of our campers without forgetting that it’s important for kids to have fun.

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