College of Aviation

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Aviation School / October 11, 2022

The aeronautical science degree with an airline pilot specialization is designed for students whose goal is to fly for a commercial airline or corporation. This degree provides flight training combined with the academic excellence of a small liberal arts environment leading to a career in the aviation industry. Our program provides the enhanced training, skills and academic knowledge required by today’s aviation industry. TLU has partnered with Texas Aviation Academy LLC to provide flight training based out of the New Braunfels Airport located approximately 12 miles from the TLU campus. Additional costs and fees are associated with some of the classes in this program. Physical requirements must also be met.

Major in aeronautical science (B.S.) (airline pilot specialization): 51 semester hours, including AERO 131A, 132A, 131B, 132B, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 332, 335, 336 or 337 or 338, 341, 412, 415, 431, 437, and 438 or 439.

Supporting Courses: 33 semester hours, including BIOL 149; BUSI 131, BUSI 339, BUSI 384, and BUSI 373 or BUSI 386; MATH 136, PHYS 141, 142, 339, and STAT 374.

AERO 131A/131B. Private Pilot Ground School A & B (3:3:0) Basic ground school for the Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot Certificate, providing the student with the necessary aeronautical knowledge for private pilot certification. Topics include principles of flight, radio procedures, weather, navigation, aerodynamics and Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Corequisites: AERO 132

AERO 132A/132B. Private Flight A & B (3:0:6) This course develops aeronautical knowledge required for certification as a Private Pilot with an Airplane Single Engine Land rating. Topics including regulations, safety, pre-solo operations, cross-country planning, airspace, chart use, communications, weather, performance, weight and balance, aerodynamics and decision-making. Prerequisites: Appropriate class medical certification. Corequisites: AERO 131

AERO 230. Intermediate Flight (3:0:6) Provides students with flight hours and skills necessary to fulfill solo cross-country hours required for the FAA Instrument Airplane Rating. Prerequisites: AERO 131 and 132, appropriate class medical certification.

AERO 231. Instrument Ground School (3:3:0) A study of basic instrument radio and navigation fundamentals used in instrument flight. Topics include a description and practical use of navigation systems and instruments, charts used for instrument flight and Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Qualifies as part of a program leading to Federal Aviation Administration certification. Prerequisites: AERO 131 and 132. Corequisites: AERO 232.

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