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Flight training Financing

Pilot Training / December 31, 2015

AOPA Aviation Finance Company is offering an innovative new program for flight training financing.The funds can be used for everything from starting and finishing primary training to advanced training, such as instrument training or obtaining a commercial certificate. It can even be used for the kind of fun flying that so many AOPA members enjoy, such as earning a tailwheel endorsement or seaplane rating.

Unique features of AOPA flight training financing include the ability to borrow up to $100, 000 over a 24- to 84-month period with no money down, no loan minimum, and minimal paperwork. When compared to other flight training loans, these interest rates are very competitive at 7.74 to 12.99 percent.

“AOPA wants to remove the financial barriers that keep some pilots from being able to complete their flight training, ” said Adam Meredith, president of AOPA Aviation Finance Co. “Whether they want to pursue flying as a career or just for fun, this flight training loan is designed to be simple, so our members can move ahead with their flying.”

Through the association’s Flight Training Initiative, AOPA is dedicated to increasing the number of students who earn a pilot certificate or certificated pilots who add ratings and experience to their logbooks. With this offering, AOPA is pleased to be providing access to the funds necessary to help pilots meet those flying goals.

The loans are designed not just for new students, but also for those already in flight training who pay for one flight hour at a time. Financing flight training at a highly competitive rate can mean completing training sooner, and without the interruptions that can degrade flying skills.

The loans—available only to AOPA members—feature a simple online application and a loan decision within one business day, with approved loans funded within just two business days.

Source: www.aopa.org