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Flight training Adelaide

Pilot Training / October 27, 2022

At Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) we provide world-class, customised aviation training solutions for the fixed wing and rotary wing industry.

We are located at Parafield Airport, South Australia. The college started operations in 1982 and over the years has had a number of corporate owners, including Hawker de Havilland and BAE SYSTEMS. In 2005 the college was purchased by Hong Kong-based Young Brothers Aviation.

customised aviation training solutions

Our training ethos is focussed on producing future airline and helicopter captains, rather than simply training cadets to obtain a licence. To achieve this we have made, and continue to make, considerable infrastructure and asset investments to supply appropriate aircraft and simulators for

We cater for sponsored cadets and self-funded students and offer a full range of services, including selection, ab initio and advanced training courses for airline and general aviation students.

Our highly trained and committed staff ensure that the environment and content of our courses exceed the expectations of our customer airlines, helicopter operators and candidates.

Whether you are an airline cadet or a general aviation student-we have the course for you. We hope the information on our website gives you a good understanding of what we offer.

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