From December 1st, Virtual

Boeing Flight training

Pilot Training / November 1, 2022

  • Target customer: a pilot holds a valid type rating in the 777 or 787 and seeks an additional type rating in the other model.*


  • As the OEM manufacturer, Boeing has the latest model simulators to meet the students’ differences training needs.
  • The instructors have a high level of expertise.
  • Normal and non-normal procedures follow either Boeing standard or customer-specific policies.

Course Goal

To enable pilots to obtain differences training between 777 and 787 model airplanes, leading to a differences training qualification and type rating in the non-rated model (777 or 787)

Prerequisites for Student Pilots

  • Meet the minimum oral and reading comprehension to level IV ICAO standards
  • Have a valid and current Airline Transport Certificate (FAA) or commercial license
  • Have valid multi-engine and instrument ratings (or equivalent ratings for non-FAA regulatory agencies) for the operation of a commercial multi-engine transport airplane
  • Have experience in the functions and duties of captain or first officer
  • Have a rating in either 787 or 777

Training Documents (Typical)

  • Course syllabus
  • Model-specific training manual
  • Flight crew operations manual
  • Flight crew training manual
  • Quick reference handbook
  • Jeppesen charts
  • Training record, including check forms
  • 787 training documents are delivered digitally

Theoretical Training (Typical)

  • Theoretical training is delivered by eLearning courseware in a carrel or classroom at the training center.
  • Student pilots can contact their instructor throughout the theoretical phase of the course.
  • Videos, interactive exercises, and stand-up instruction are provided in various course offerings.
  • Systems integration and procedural training is conducted in a flight-training device.

Practical Training and Checking

  • Practical flight training is performed entirely in the full flight simulator.
  • Each practical training event is preceded by a 60- or 90-minute instructor-led briefing and followed by a detailed debriefing.
  • Check rides are delivered by a qualified Boeing examiner, customer-assigned examiner, or approved regulator.
  • Each differences course concludes with an evaluation flight performed in a full flight simulator.
  • An oral exam is administered, as required by the regulatory agency.
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