Aviation Training Services

Aviation Training / October 26, 2015

Jeppesen Product Training provides our customers with high-quality, cost-efficient instructor-let training on a variety of Jeppesen products and services, including; Charting, Flight Planning, Performance Analysis, and Load Planning.

We offer two main types of courses - Open and Exclusive.

Standard Open Courses - These are available to all customers, with no minimum limit on numbers of participants. They have a set curriculum as below:

JetPlanner 1A - the Level 1A training course provides basic instruction on the flight planning product and is intended mainly for new users of the system. This course provides basic instruction on the flight planning product and is intended mainly for new users of the system. This course provides an overview of the JetPlan engine, the JetPlanner software and teaches fundamentals that will enable the customer to use the system skillfully and efficiently in day-to-day operations. Duration: 5 days.

JetPlanner 1B - The Level 1B course covers much of the same material as Level 1A. However, since the Level 1B course assumes that the customer has some prior knowledge of Jeppesen products, a number of the system basics will be omitted. Duration: 3 days.

JetPlanner 2 - The Level 2 course is for current users of JAS or OpsControl who also need to learn to use JetPlanner, or for customers who wish to convert to JetPlanner. Duration 2 days.

JetPlanner 3 - Effective use of customer databases can reduce the number of inputs required to generate a flight plan and will enable users to benefit from advanced JetPlan features. The Level 3 course is designed to proved the customer with instruction on the specific databases used by the JetPlan system. Duration 3 days. NB: SUITABLE FOR USERS.

JetPlanner 4 - The JetPlanner system contains many "advanced" flight planning features. Level 4 is a course designed to provide the customer with training on advanced flight planning tools contained within the flight planning system, and also the interaction of JetPlanner and our charting software. The Level 4 course assumes that the user has completed Level 1A/B or Level 2. Duration: 2 days.

Exclusive Course - These are tailored to a particular customer's requirements, can be delivered either on-site or off-site, and usually are only attended exclusively by representatives from the customer in question.

Exclusive courses are available for JetPlanner,, OpsControl, eLoadsheet, and eLink. Please note that there may be restrictions on minimum and maximum student numbers, and suitability criteria for off-site facilities.