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Aviation School / August 26, 2022

aviation high school

Why Choose Aviation High School?

Aviation High School opened in 2007 and was established to provide an opportunity to students from years 7 to 12 with a chance to follow a career in the aviation and aerospace industries in Queensland.

The school’s School of Excellence Program in Aerospace and Aviation provides a unique opportunity to students. The school has set up a new faculty, with its own separate Head of Department, to cater for students that wish to pursue careers within aerospace or aviation.

Aviation High School follows the national curriculum to offer the same quality education to all students, regardless of their future goals.

Additional activities offered:

Specific aviation courses are offered to students which fit within the school’s educational philosophy.

Such subjects include:

· A course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Yr. 11 and Yr. 12 students) delivered by Aviation High staff under the Registered Training Organisation status of Aviation Australia
· Aero skills Technology (Yr. 8 to Yr. 10 students)
· Aerospace Communications (Yr. 8 and Yr. 9)
· Manufacturing SAS – Aero skills Studies- (Yr. 11 and Yr. 12)
· The Authority Senior subject Aerospace Studies

aviation high school logoExtra-curricular activities include:

· Australian Defence Force Academy Open Day in Canberra
· Work experience for Yrs. 10/11/12 students with major aerospace and aviation companies
· Gateway Schools program
· Air Force Cadets with 220 Squadron based at the school
· The Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge
· ARCAA UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Challenge at Kingaroy
· School band
· Aviation High Open Day – student displays as part of the event
· Charity fundraising activities by the Aviation High Student Council
· School camps
· Chemistry competitions
· Indigenous Day celebrations
· Maths competitions (20% of students involved)

Although the school’s curriculum has aligned with career paths in the aerospace industry, it is not compulsory for all students to follow a career path into the industry. The school’s curriculum provides all students with the opportunity to achieve a Queensland Certificate of Education to ensure they are equipped for multiple pathways into the future.

Facilities at Aviation High School:

State of the art facilitates are provided to all Aviation High School students, with a large investment spent on refurbishment and rejuvenation in recent years.

The school’s Resource Centre provides a large air-conditioned space in which students can use the library’s facilities to help with assignments and study. Desktops and laptops are available to use within the resource centre.

Facilities also include interactive audio-visual equipment and interactive smart-boards which can be used for private study.

UAV Club

Aviation High participates in the yearly UAV Outback Challenge with 3 teams of 8 students from various year levels across the school involved in the content. Students work in teams to design, build, test and fly various aircraft to participate in the competition.
During the competition, held during the school holidays in September, students meet and interact with like-minded students from other schools around Australia and Universities from all around the world.

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