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Aviation Courses / July 6, 2018

What do I need to know as a Civil Aviation Authority?

The Federal Aviation Administration must be reimbursed for all technical assistance and training provided to other Civil Aviation Authorities. Specific questions regarding aircraft certification-related training should be directed to the International Policy Office (AIR-40) in the Aircraft Certification Service, Washington DC. It may be reached by phone at (202) 385-8940 or by fax at (202) 493-5144.

FAA Academy Courses Delivered Outside the United States

Resources permitting, the Aircraft Certification Service may be able to deliver a course outside the United States. Aircraft Certification Indoctrination Phase I and Quality System Audit Course are the most commonly requested courses. However, the Aircraft Certification Service may also consider requests for other Aircraft Certification courses, such as Part 21 and Systems Engineering Job Functions. A Civil Aviation Authority may find it more cost effective to provide a course in-country so that a group of its employees (up to 25 people) can attend instead of sending a large number of its employees to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for training.

Customized Courses

The Aircraft Certification Service can customize a training course or workshop on specific technical topics. These courses and workshops are given by Aircraft Certification Service personnel who have direct experience and/or expertise in the particular subject matter.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

The Aircraft Certification Service may also make available the opportunity for personnel from other Civil Aviation Authorities to travel to the United States and work in an Aircraft Certification Service office. The International Policy Office (AIR-40) will work with the appropriate office(s) to determine their ability to support this type of On-the-Job Training. Generally, there is a flat fee charged to the Civil Aviation Authority per week, per person for On-the-Job-Training at Aircraft Certification Service offices.

Academy Courses in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Academy offers resident courses for general participation on a space available basis. On request the Academy can also customize a resident course exclusively for a CAA. To register the CAA must contact the Office of International Aviation (API), International Training Program, at International Training or by facsimile at (202) 267-7172. The FAA International Training Catalog and Schedule is available online.

Non-Federal Aviation Administration Training

If training is requested from a Civil Aviation Authority in an area that cannot be supported by the Aircraft Certification Service, the International Policy Office will try to provide information on alternative sources. They will give the Civil Aviation Authority contacts for outside vendors that may provide training in the requested subject.

Source: www.faa.gov