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Aviation Academy / May 31, 2019

Where in the world are IATA's best training partners?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has completed an evaluation of 440 training partners across the world and named the ten best performers in 2013… which I thought was useful information for readers that might be considering training.

Hundreds of IATA’s Authorized Training Centres (ATCs) in more than 90 countries were evaluated in total, with a focus on the number of students trained and the student examination pass rate.

“The excellence of these training centres significantly contributes to the people development of the air transport industry by opening up opportunities for the next generation of aviation professionals worldwide, ” the associated stated in a press release.

So where in the world should you be heading for amazing IATA-approved training? Well, there’s an obvious concentration of leading IATA training centres in Asia (especially India), which spills into the Middle East and Africa… but none of the top 10 hail from developed markets in Europe and North America. Check out the results below (the list is not ranked in any particular order).

IATA’s 2013 Premier Circle (Worldwide Top 10) Authorised Training Centres

  • Etihad Airways Aviation Academy, UAE
  • Japan Aircargo Forwarders Association (JAFA), Japan
  • Akbar Academy of Airline Studies, India
  • IITC-India International Trade Centre, India
  • Speedwings Academy for Aviation Services, India
  • Qatar Aeronautical College, Qatar
  • Air Travel & Related Studies Centre, Kenya
  • Trade Wings Institute of Management, India
  • International Aviation Academy of Sri Lankan Airlines, Sri Lanka
  • Aircargo Training Center of Japan, Japan

The awards were presented by Ismail Albaidhani, Head of Global Partnerships & Learning Innovation, at ceremonies during the 2013 Global Training Partner Congress held in Abu Dhabi and the IATA DG ATS Conference in Doha during the proceedings of the 7th World Cargo Symposium.

“IATA has trained last year some 92, 000 existing professionals and young students from all over the world. This result is due to the major contribution of its network of 440 training partners located in more than 90 countries, “said Albaidhani.

“IATA extends its appreciation for their tireless efforts and contribution in driving learning and development initiatives. These are critical to building the required leadership and competencies that are essential to support a sustainable, safe and effective air transport industry. Congratulations to all the awarded partners, ” he added.

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