Principal Consultant

Phoenix Aviation Training Academy

Excellent weather and a diverse flying environment are why TransPac Aviation Academy chose to make Phoenix home for our Arizona flight training center. Phoenix is also world renowned as a resort location, which affords our students many recreational opportunities.

TransPac operates three campuses in the greater Phoenix Metro area. The main campus is located at the Deer Valley Airport and is the center of operations for primary flight training. This North Phoenix airport is home to the fleet of Piper aircraft and Frasca simulators. The campus features state of the art classrooms, flight planning facilities, on-site FAA written exam center, a well-equipped library/resource room and a 10, 000 sq ft maintenance hangar. Advanced turbine and airline transition training, utilizing the Beech King Air aircraft and simulator, is carried out on the North side of the Airport.

The third campus, located at the Chandler Municipal Airport, is an additional primary flight training center. Training is provided in Piper aircraft and our brand new Redbird FMX simulators.

All three campuses are ideally situated to enjoy the superior weather and great training environment that characterize Phoenix flight training.

TransPac features:

  • State of the art, media equipped classrooms
  • Flight briefing rooms
  • Official testing center for FAA written exams
  • Study center/library with networked PCs equipped with Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • Weather briefing and flight planning facilities
  • FAR Part 145 repair station providing around the clock maintenance support
  • Professional airline style dispatch center
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