How Do I Become a Maritime Pilot? (with pictures)

How to become a ship Pilots?

Image titled Become a Marine Pilot Step 1Learn about being a pilot. Before you begin making plans to become a Marine pilot, take some time to learn more about this career path, which is the longest and most extensive in the Marine Corps. Familiarize yourself with the basic requirements, training, and types of duty, all of which can help you figure out if being a pilot is still the right choice for you.

  • A Marine pilot provides assault support and offensive air support, engages in anti-air and electronic warfare, controls aircraft and missiles and conducts aerial reconnaissance.
  • A Marine pilot may get to fly some of the most advanced aircraft in the world.
  • It draws on an incredible body of knowledge. You’ll train on a wide variety of subjects including warfare, how to fly a plane, as well as lead fellow troops.
  • Protecting the United States, your fellow troops, and persons in other countries, along with getting to operate cool machinery can be very rewarding- both personally and professionally.
  • It can be emotionally demanding. You’ll be exposed to a variety of situations, including active warfare and the death of fellow troops, that may cause you stress.
  • It requires superior physical fitness. For example, you may have to fly extended missions or train for long hours. You may even need to survive in a hostile environment if your plane goes down.

Determine if piloting is right for you.Image titled Become a Marine Pilot Step 2 Once you’ve acquainted yourself with becoming a Marine pilot, actively weigh whether or not this is the right career path for you and your lifestyle. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do I meet basic requirements or am I able to attain them in the course of training?
  • Does this fit into my current lifestyle? How would this change my life? Do I want to work on weekends and possibly not have vacations for long periods of time?
  • Can I perform the physical demands? Am I able to stay up for long hours performing physical and mental tasks?
  • Can I handle the emotional demands? Am I willing to be a leader and go into war situations? Am I willing to uphold commands and orders with which I may not agree?
  • Does being a pilot pay enough for my life? Can I support myself and a family?

Speak to a local recruiter. If you have any questions or want more information about being a Marine pilot, contact a Corps recruiter.Image titled Become a Marine Pilot Step 3 He can give you an idea of what you need to enlist and do to become a pilot. This conversation may help solidify your decision to be a pilot or present you with other options in the Marines.

  • Visit a local recruiting station or schedule an appointment with a recruiter at a local office.
  • Contact a recruiter through the Marine Corps online site at .
  • Understand that simply speaking to a recruiter in no way obligates you to join the Marines.

Reach your final decision. Take time to seriously consider the pros and cons of pursuing your dream of being a Marine pilot. This may assist you in reaching a final decision if you become a pilot.

  • Write a list of all of the advantages and disadvantages you consider. Seeing them on paper can make it easier to commit to your decision.
  • Discuss your decision with friends and loved ones, but remember that your choice is yours alone.
  • Contact your recruiter and tell him your decision. At this stage, you should also indicate that you would like to pursue a path to become a pilot. He can advise you on how best to do this.

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