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How to become a pilot in Canada?

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  1. Get a Private Pilot Licence. The first step for any pilot is to get their Private Pilot Licence. This is considered the first step because it is the basic pilot licence that everyone must get. This licence allows you to fly, but it doesn't allow you to be paid to fly. This licence can be finished in as quickly as 2-3 months, depending on your skill and dedication.
  2. Get a Commercial Pilot Licence. This is the next licence after the Private Pilot Licence. It allows you to start working as a professional pilot. This licence requires 200-250 hours of flying hours before you are eligible to write the exam. When you get this licence, you will begin working entry level pilot jobs.
  3. Enhance your pilot career with a degree. This is not a required step to become a professional pilot. However, it is very beneficial for your pilot career if you have a degree. The most important thing for pilots is their licensing and flying experience. However, a university degree will help you stand out from other applicants. As with all careers in the world, the more educated applicant is given preference. In fact, airlines are known to give preference to applicants with a university degree. Remember, that it does not matter what you study, or what kind of degree you have. You do not necessarily have to have an aviation or science degree. The important thing is that you have further education.
  4. Image titled Become a Successful Commercial Pilot in Canada Step 2 Advance your level with an Airline Transport Pilot Licence. This is the highest level of licensing for a pilot. It allows you work as Captain on regional and major airlines. All major pilot jobs require this licence. It will require you a minimum of 1500 hours flying experience to be eligible to write this 2 part written exam. These hours will be built up by working as a pilot after getting your Commercial Pilot Licence.

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  • Do you have to be good in math?

    You must be competent in math, and instrument reading (e.g. an Altimeter). However you need not know it at a particularly high level, as flight instruments, calculators, and other forms of calculation will often be available to you.

  • Is there a particular area where I should focus my studies if I want to become a pilot?

    Math, Physics, and Aviation are good subjects to study first. However, everything should be covered when you go begin your studies for your pilot's license.

  • Is there a height limit to become a pilot?

    wikiHow Contributor

    This depends on what career path you're aiming for. For example, in the RCACS, an applicant cannot be taller than 6' 2" for the glider pilot scholarship. However, for PPL, there shouldn't be a height restriction.

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  • A degree is not a requirement to becoming a commercial pilot, but it will be very helpful in the growth and development of your career.
  • What kind of degree you have, or what you majored in doesn't make a huge difference. The main concern from hiring airlines will be that you have further education.
  • Like with any other job field, further education is considered valuable and will be given preference over applicants without a degree.