How to be a pilot in the

How to become a commercial pilot?

Many commercial pilots learn to fly in the military, but a growing number now earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from a civilian flying school. All pilots who are paid to transport passengers or cargo must have a commercial pilot's license and an instrument rating. To qualify for a commercial pilot’s license, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have at least 250 hours of flight experience. Because pilots must be able to make quick decisions and react appropriately under pressure, airline companies will often reject applicants who do not pass psychological and aptitude tests.

Most airline companies require at least two years of college and prefer to hire college graduates. Because the number of college-educated applicants continues to increase, many employers are making an undergraduate degree an entry-level requirement. Preferred courses for airline pilots include english, mathematics, physics, and aeronautical engineering.

Once hired by an airline, new pilots undergo additional company training that usually includes six to eight weeks of ground school and 25 hours of additional flight time. After they finish this training, airline pilots must keep their certification by attending training once or twice a year. Applicants must also pass a strict physical exam to make sure that they are in good health, must have vision that is correctable to 20/20, and must have no physical handicaps that could impair their performance. In addition, they must pass a written test that includes questions about safety procedures, navigation techniques, and federal regulations.

To fly during periods of low visibility, pilots must be rated to fly by instruments. They may qualify for this rating by having at least 40 hours of instrument flight experience. Pilots also must pass a written exam and show an examiner their ability to fly by instruments. Furthermore, commercial pilots usually maintain one or more advanced ratings, depending on the requirements of their particular aircraft. All licenses are valid as long as a pilot can pass periodic physical, eye, and flight examinations.

Many civilian pilots start as flight instructors, building up their flight hours while they earn money teaching. As they become more experienced, these instructors can move into jobs as commercial pilots. Commercial pilots may begin their careers flying charter planes, helicopters, or crop dusters. These positions typically require less experience than airline jobs require. Some commercial pilots may advance to flying corporate planes. In non-airline jobs, a first officer may advance to captain and, in large companies, to chief pilot or director of aviation. However, many pilots use their commercial experience as a steppingstone to becoming an airline pilot. Airline pilots may begin as flight engineers or first officers for regional airline companies.

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