Best Schools to become a pilot

Study AviationSo you're an international student who wants to study aviation in the US but you have no idea where to start. How do you know what schools are the best schools to study aviation or how to choose your aviation school?

Aviation is a very specific area of study and it is only available at certain colleges and universities. Since aviation is highly technical, there are entire trade schools that offer certificate programs in aviation. However, in the US, degrees are generally more highly regarded than certificates. Additionally, in order to be a pilot, you must pass a medical exam. If you ever become medically unfit, a degree in the aviation field is beneficial to fall back on for another career path in aviation. Degrees can be earned at a college or university and are offered to international students at many different schools. So how do you choose your aviation school and know what the best schools to study aviation are?

Choosing a Field of Study

The first step in choosing your aviation school is to decide what area of aviation you would like to study. There are many different fields and concentrations in aviation to choose from. If you want to be a pilot, a degree in flight management or professional pilot would be helpful. Degrees in other areas of aviation can also allow you to be a pilot, as long as you earn the proper pilot certificate afterwards. Other degrees in the aviation field include meteorology, aviation computer science, and aeronautic engineering. Another common career path in aviation is becoming a mechanic. Degrees that assist an international student in becoming a mechanic are power plant and airframe technology, aviation electronics technician and aviation maintenance.

Choosing a School

After you decide what degree in aviation you want to pursue, you can begin to research the best schools to study aviation. If you decide on a school, it is important to ensure they have the degree program in aviation you want to study. There are over 100 colleges and universities that offer degree programs in aviation.

Large Aviation Schools

International students seeking a large school will most likely want to attend a state university or college. State universities and colleges often offer many majors and schools within the university or college. Some state universities and colleges have very good reputations and are accredited, which means the degree programs are recognized by most corporations and businesses. Some state universities and colleges with degree programs in aviation include

These colleges and universities are located throughout the US.

Small Aviation Schools

International students seeking smaller schools to study aviation will find a variety of other types of colleges and universities. Throughout the US there are multiple community colleges which are usually smaller schools with local students from the surrounding community. After earning a two year Associate's Degree at a community college, international students can transfer to other schools to continue earning their bachelor's degree, which is a four year degree. Community colleges that offer degree programs in aviation include

There are other smaller schools that offer degrees in aviation that are not community colleges. Some of these schools are

These schools are located around the United States.

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