Becoming commercial pilot

The process to become a pilot is the same no matter what your age. You don’t say where you live, so can’t address national specifics. But start by finding a flight school close to you and going to visit hopefully several flight schools and find out about their programs. While you’re there, find out who the local doctors are who are trained to give you a flight physical. Make an appointment with one of them and go get examined to the highest required standards. No point in spending the money to take flying lessons if you cannot meet the medical requirements.

Now start taking flying lessons. Most schools offer an introductory lesson for a very reasonable price. If you have easy access to more than one flight school, you may want to take the intro lesson from several schools. At this point you’ll want to buy a set of text books, and start studying at home.

Your first 10 to 15 hours will be devoted to learning basic flying skills. Sooner or later your instructor(s) will decide that you are ready to fly alone. You will spend several flight in the traffic pattern at the airport, practising takeoffs and landings. Then your instructor will take you on one or more cross country flights, then send you alone on several cross country flights. You’ll want to start these cross country flights early in the day so you don’t get trapped by night fall. You should be rapidly approaching 40 (or more) hours of flight time, and your instructor will start working with you to hone your skills so that you can take you flight test to become a private pilot.

Now that you are a private pilot, you can fly by yourself, and can also carry passengers, but can’t do anything for hire. But now you’re working toward your commercial license, which takes a bit over 200 hours. You’ll want to keep your ears open for chances to help out local aircraft owners who may need an aircraft flown for what ever (non commercial) reason. This will help reduce the total amount you’ll need to spend. But keep in touch with your instructor, and make sure you’re doing the specific types of flights you’ll need to qualify for your commercial rating.

Once you’ve received the commercial rating you eventually want to start working toward an instrument rating. Most (but not all) types of commercial flying require an instrument rating.

You mention becoming a commercial pilot. Most people use the term commercial pilot to mean they want to fly for an airline. But the correct term for a pilot flying for an airline is “Airline Pilot”. Typically, an airline pilot rating requires 1500 flight hours, and you must generally have a commercial rating and an instrument rating to start.

But there are many other commercial flying jobs that will help you get from 200 hours to 1500 hours. A few obvious ones are flight instructor, aerial applicator, banner tow pilot, charter pilot, and local ride pilots. There are many others.

I suspect that most airlines would rather hire a new pilot who has his airline rating in his pocket, but who got there by doing flying jobs along the way. I’ve had several really bad experiences with pilots who had enough money to just go rent an airplane long enough to gain all their ratings.

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