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Sport Pilot training cost

Pilot Training / June 10, 2022

LSA Airplane Rental, Instruction, Checkride and Proficiency Check Fees

  • Flight Instruction Hobbs time with Sport Aviation Aircraft LSA – $205 per hour *
    (includes $130 airplane per hour and $75 per hour flight instructor)
  • Flight and Ground Time Instruction – $75 per hour **
    (ground school and pre/post flight briefings)
  • Group ground instruction two or more people – $50 per hour per person
  • Aircraft Rental Hobbs time- $130 per hour *
    (General rental, student solo and Checkride/Proficiency Check. For overnight out of town rental a minimum of 3 hours per day)
  • Flight Simulation Instruction Time – $95 per hour
    (includes $20 flight simulator and $75 flight instructor simulator time)
  • Flight instruction time in owners aircraft $130 per hour
  • Flight Simulation Solo Time – $20 per hour (after getting checked out)
  • $470 Sport Pilot Practical Test/Checkride (no aircraft)
  • $450 Sport Pilot Proficiency Check (no aircraft)
  • $550 Sport Pilot Flight Instructor (CFIS) Proficiency Check (no aircraft)
  • $570 Sport Pilot Flight Instructor (CFIS) Initial Practical Test/Checkride (no aircraft)
  • $180 Biennial Flight Review in pilot supplied aircraft (minimum time requirements)


* Includes aircraft, headsets, and fuel.

** Ground/flight time includes time from meeting applicant to when the applicant leaves.

How much does it cost to get a sport pilot license?

It can cost between about $4, 000 and $12, 000. This depends on several factors. Let’s look at the variables first to understand the large variance in costs.

  • Will you be learning in your own aircraft or renting one?
  • Will you be doing a concentrated course where you are flying every day until you get your license, will you be doing the optimum schedule of flying one day on and one day off, or will you be dragging it out by only flying on weekends or every other weekend?
  • Do you have good study habits, motivated to study on your own or will you need someone to teach you the material?
  • How fast do you pick up the motor skills to control the aircraft?

Overall, the time and costs to become sport pilot airplane are about half that of a private pilot. It must be understood that these are realistic numbers, not something pared down to make it look inexpensive. Most “learn to fly for $2XXX” do not include the FAA test fees or much in training materials or any ground time. The following is provided to give you a realistic view of absolute minimum cost and a high cost for comparison.

How long does it take to get a sport pilot license?

The range of flight hours varies greatly. We have had some get through with as little as 25 hours flight time. Others 70 hours flight time. As discussed above, there are several factors. Let’s use the average of 35 hours of flight time. If we average 2 hours per day flight time this is 18 days or more than two and less than three weeks. Actual time depends on many of factors, but with a concentrated course and good weather plan on 3 to 4 weeks to get it in one stay.