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Indian Pilot training school

Pilot Training / November 1, 2019

For selecting the right pilot training school, I would suggest visiting the websites of all the good institutes and then contact the ones you prefer by call/e-mail, get to know about the number of seats, entrance exams etc. Talking to students/ graduates would prove helpful.

Here’s a list of a few good ones.

  • IGRUA Rae Bareli (Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan Akademi) also known as CAE OAA Rae Bareli
  • NFTI Gondia (National Flying Training Institute) also known as CAE OAA Gondia
  • MPFC Indore (Madhya Pradesh Flying Club)
  • Bombay Flying Club
  • Chimes Aviation
  • Rajiv Gandhi Institute
  • Academy of Carver Aviation
  • Orient flying school
  • Falcon Aviation Academy
  • Delhi Flying Club

I would personally suggest IGRUA and NFTI as I’ve spoken to people who did their pilot training there. These 2 are a bit more expensive than others but the quality of their training is of good standards.

NFTI has stopped taking regular CPL candidates ( Please Confirm) However, they do offer the IndiGo Cadet Program.

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