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Pilot Training / April 14, 2018

In conjunction with DJI, these events are a fantastic free experience for anybody wanting to learn more about drones. With an accessible, diverse product range for you to interact with and learn about, there's something on offer for everybody. Over the course of the day you'll learn more about DJI as a company, witness a number of in-depth demonstrations of model functionality (including the Inspire 1 and S1000+) as well as add-ons like the Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera.

Seasoned pilots need not shy away from these sessions, however, as Heliguy like to think of them as 'New & Experienced Pilot Training'. Those looking to make some money from their skills through business applications able to gain insider market insights and advice from our expert staff.

Aside from the core event, which focuses on introducing you to drones from the ever-popular Phantom and Inspire ranges, we also offer Ronin workshops. These are more specialised days aimed at creatives with a passion for aerial filmmaking. This is the perfect opportunity to meet with other professionals and discuss collaboration, tips and best practice.

Source: www.heliguy.com