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Pilot Training / June 14, 2021

Pilot student and instructorThe “easiest to use” but most complete and advanced Flight School Management Software Available on the market.

MyFlightTrain(R) is a flight training management solution that is specifically designed for flight schools doing Part 141 and Part 61 flight training. It is made to work for small to medium size schools as well as large university flight school programs. It uses the latest web technology to ensure ease of use and provides very powerful features to enable better productivity and paperless Part 141 and Part 61 training.

Keep track of every flight

Using the MyFlightTrain™ flight school management system, it is easy to keep track of all the essentials in your flight school—pilots, aircraft, instructors, ratings, sign-offs, courses, lessons, student progress, and much more. It’s all there, quick and easy for you to find and work with. Check on how everyone is doing, find out which aircraft are currently in maintenance, or see when an instructor is available. Control performance with standard and custom reports. With MyFlightTrain™ you keep total control of your flight school. MyFlightTrain’s™ focus is on compliance so yours can be on Your Business.

Grade lessons fast, even in the plane

Curriculums in MyFlightTrain™ are easier than ever to complete — because MyFlightTrain™ flight school training software does everything: Enrollment Tracking, Scheduling lessons, ground time vs. flight time, everything you need to complete the course faster than ever. It is completely integrated with the curriculum a pilot is using and supports many different types of advanced scheduling, such as multi-lesson flights. Reference material, syllabuses and lesson plans can be entered into and/or uploaded to the curriculum subsystem. This flight school software will match the content exactly and process for the way you want to teach.Training_6 Pass your next FAA audit easily and with confidence!

Never lose track of another invoice

Billing can be a complicated and cumbersome task. Improper billing is a common problem facing flight schools and may cost the flight school and students thousands of dollars. MyFlightTrain™ Billing Tracking solves this problem – every single bill is properly accounted for with flights, lessons and inventory items linked to the billing. This unique billing system will ensure the students are charged exactly what they should be-no more, no less. Manage all of your leasebacks easily and quickly. Audits by entities such as the VA or Colleges/Universities are easily passed with MyFlightTrain™.

Maintain your planes

In MyFlightTrain™, you can easily manage all assets of your flight school, including your aircraft. This flight school management software let’s you check on how aircraft maintenance is progressing, find out which aircraft are currently in maintenance, or be alerted when maintenance is pending. Monitor performance with standard and custom reports. With MyFlightTrain™ you keep total control of your flight school. MyFlightTrain’s™ focus is on compliance so yours can be on Your Business. For In-House maintenance shops, add the full MyFlightMXShop Features

Training_2Workflow designed for instructors, students and the office staff!

Advanced scheduling system allows the students, instructors, and renter pilots to search for times to fly based on aircraft attributes (type, avionics, tail #, etc) with the user’s profile specified availability times. Recurring scheduling is also supported.

Key Scheduling Features:

  • Mission Types (Training, Crew, Ferry, etc.)
  • Multiple Views Supported
  • Calendar support for your favorite device
  • View Instructor and Aircraft availability
  • View staff scheduling (front desk, line staff, loaders, MX shop personal, etc.)
  • Schedule by Type & Avionics (vs Tail #)
  • Full Auto-scheduling Available
  • Visitor Reservations with contact information
  • Search for Reservation slots and/or bookings

Paperless Curriculum Management

  • Paperless and Mobile Part 141 and Part 61 Support

Paperless Enrollment Module

  • Supports US and International Students
  • User customized enrollment templates
  • Custom and standard data fields
  • Custom and standard file upload fields

Paperless Course & Class Administration

  • Fully customizable course content (syllabus content, add documents, etc.)
  • Each maneuver is tracked in a lesson
  • Customizable Grading Domains
  • Class support for semesters, labs, etc.
  • Lecture classes and attendance tracking

Source: myflightsolutions.com