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Emirates Airlines Pilot training school

Pilot Training / September 9, 2022

The EAU EASA Cadet Pilot Programme is delivered in the UAE and Portugal within 18 months. The programme is structured as Theory, in Dubai, Practical, in Portugal. Upon successful completion of the programme cadets will receive an EASA, ATPL (A) Frozen Licence and also a Higher Diploma in Aviation Science. This is a unique academic award in the UAE and permits cadets to undertake a further one year top up degree resulting in a BSc (Hons.) in Air Transport Management (awarded by Coventry University, UK).

Successful completion of the course will lead to:

  • EASA Frozen ATLP Licence (theory)
  • EASA CPL Licence with ME, IR Ratings
  • MCC Training
  • Higher Diploma in Aviation Science

Graduates of the programme will have the option to enroll in the university's one year Top Up Degree Programme and obtain a BSc (Hons.) in Air Transport Management.

Screening / Foundation

The EASA cadet pilot programme is delivered in the UAE and Portugal within of 18 months. Candidates are first required to undergo a thorough screening process in Dubai, at Emirates Aviation University’s Campus, in order to assess motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, maths & physics and psychological review. Suitable candidates are accepted to proceed either conditionally or unconditionally subject to performance.

Candidates who do not pass the initial maths & physics exams/ or who manage only average scores, are required to undergo our Foundation Programme to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the technical level of the programme. At the end of the Foundation all candidates are re-tested and a final assessment is made.

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