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Commercial Pilot training Schools

Pilot Training / September 6, 2022

9. Building Hours and Experience: Advanced Training Options

Obtaining pilot certificates is rarely enough for a person to be hired as a commercial pilot. Most commercial pilot jobs, including airline and corporate pilot jobs, require a minimum number of hours just to apply. It’s not uncommon for a person to earn a commercial pilot certificate and still not have enough qualifications to apply for an airline job.

Most pilots who want to become an airline pilot, must obtain many more flight hours than they received during training. For this reason, many new commercial pilots will also obtain a CFI certificate and work for a couple of years to gain experience before they’re eligible for employment at an airline, charter or corporate company.

Once enough hours are obtained, a pilot can apply for a job at a regional airline, where they’ll continue to build flight hours and experience in larger turbine aircraft. After a few years at a regional airline, pilots will usually qualify for a first officer position at a major airline.

Those that choose not to flight instruct often gain employment as a banner-towing pilot, a sightseeing pilot, or possibly flying skydivers or photographers around before moving on to regional airlines, cargo or charter flying jobs. Flying as much as possible is the key to getting an airline job quickly. Becoming a flight instructor is the most common way to earn money and build flight hours toward a professional pilot career.

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