Best Pilot training Institute in world

Pilot Training / October 7, 2022

There's really no fair way to answer this question. Different schools specialize in producing different kinds of pilots (military, commercial airline, crop-dusting, etc.), and many are intended to prepare students to operate under specific sets of rules based on where the student learns to fly or ultimately will seek employment.

If you want to find the school that's best for you, start out by considering:

  • Cost (including how you can pay for training or pay back whoever provides it).
  • Location (number of days during which weather is suitable for flying; convenience to where you live now or intend to seek employment; expense of living while learning to fly).
  • Types of aircraft available for instruction (important depending on the type of license you wish to obtain).
  • Language of instruction and local air traffic control (English is internationally used in aviation, but proficiency requirements vary widely from one country to the next).

To the last point, if you want to fly domestically in a country where English is not commonly used from day to day, you will be much better served by receiving instruction in the language you normally use or which is used in your target country, preferably by a native speaker of that language. There are times when flying training can be stressful; you don't need or want the added stress, confusion or distraction resulting from unclear communications between you and your instructor, or you and an air traffic controller.

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