Best Pilot training Schools in world

Pilot Training / June 16, 2018

Its hard to answer as the best initial pilot training depends on the instructor not on the school.

A good school will be able to provide good training aircrafts in excellent mechanical condition but at the end of the day what you will learn will stay with you for your whole life and thats entirely dependent on the flight instructor his teaching methods, temprament etc.

There are many schools all around the world with very competitive and able flight instructors.

But in choosing the best flight school the best bet would be to choose one in a country which has a very busy air space and the school is on a busy airport so as you can get real world experience of dealing with things you have to deal with your entire life moment you start training.

Best bet is to find an established school in any of the first world countries where they have lots of general aviation activities.

My recommendation would be USA in as it has countless number of general aviation aircrafts and airports and flight schools, instructors.

Source: www.quora.com