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Helicopter pilot training Houston

Greatday Houston Interview with Shelly LesikarWest Houston Airport, formerly known as Lakeside Airport, has been actively promoting flight training since 1962. The location of the airport combined with its enthusiastic administration and customers is what makes learning to fly at West Houston Airport an exhilarating experience.

The professional staff of pilot instructors are well qualified and of the highest caliber, each maintaining the standards of excellence in their profession. They are eager to assist the novice or the experienced aviator with basic and advanced training. Chief pilot, supervisor of pilot training, examiner, and administrator of flight tests, C.G. "Hank" Henry, has accumulated over 30, 000 hours of flying and has been a dedicated professional from an early age.

It is the goal of our organization to provide you with an enriching and rewarding experience in the exciting realm of flight. For further information, call our flight school at 281-492-2130. Ask to see our FREE "LEARN TO FLY" video available for on-premises viewing or ask to discuss any of the programs with our qualified staff.


Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot ground school classes are offered. Both classes reference Jeppsen text books (available at West Houston) and follow a structured course outline lasting twelve weeks for private pilots and eight weeks for the instrument course. While completion of the entire course is recommended, each of the topics are available on a class-by-class basis for specific subject review.

These classes are held once a week, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the ground school classroom located in the main terminal. The Private Pilot course is held on Mondays and the Instrument Course is held on Tuesdays.

Check with Flight School or Customer Service personnel for class schedules.

Cost - $15.00 per hour; $45.00 per class


Individual, one-on-one ground instruction is available with any of our instructors, and may be scheduled by contacting Flight School or Customer Service Personnel.

Cost - $60.00 per hour


FAA certificated flight instructors are available for instruction, seven days a week, for normal scheduling from 8:00 AM until dark. Earlier and later flights may be scheduled on a flight-by-flight basis with prior instructor approval.

West Houston operated airplanes

Customer owned airplanes

Individual Ground Instruction

Class Ground School
Discovery Flight

$60.00 per hour
$60.00 per hour
$60.00 per hour
$15.00 per hour



In addition to the aircraft listed above, Flight Instructor - Pilots are rated for a variety of airplanes and are available for instruction and services in customer owned airplanes.

  • Flight Instruction - Customer-owned Airplanes - $60.00
  • Non-owned Instructor Rates - $60.00 per hour
  • Pilot Holding per hour - $60.00
  • Daily Rates - $500.00 per day plus room and board, and transportation to and from the airport

Source: www.westhoustonairport.com