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Aviation Training / April 6, 2018

Professional Training Programs for Pratt & Whitney Canada Aircraft Products

FlightSafety provides training for the full range of Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and APUs. Customers have access to FlightSafety's network of Learning Centers and the technology-based training curriculum that maintenance technicians have come to rely on for over 40 years. All classroom and hands-on practical training is conducted with well-prepared aviation professionals who bring a depth of experience to your instruction.

Pratt & Whitney Canada Training Program Highlights

  • Training is conducted at FlightSafety's world-class learning facilities.
  • Instruction can be administered at customer's location.
  • FlightSafety's technology-based training curriculum is available for APUs and the full range of Pratt & Whitney Canada engine products, including turboprop, turbofan and turboshaft.
  • All courseware is updated to include online and interactive training.
  • In-depth classroom and hands-on practical training develops, expands and refines proficiency.
  • Industry-leading maintenance training courseware and curriculum meets worldwide regulatory requirements.
  • Maintenance technicians benefit from use of full-scale systems trainers, major component cutaways, working models, maintenance task simulators and a large variety of test equipment used to demonstrate procedures and reinforce the information learned in the classroom.

Plan Your Training

Scheduled Courses at our Pratt & Whitney Canada Centers. Contact Us for other courses and dates available upon request.
Classes are subject to change and cancellations may occur based on low enrollment or facility schedule changes.