Aviation English Training

Aviation Training / February 7, 2019

Wayman Flight Training is an international academy with students from over 60 countries. Our instructors speak more than 10 languages between them. However, the standard international language for aviation is English. A solid foundation in English will help you get the most out of ground school, one-to-one instruction, and flight training. Properly being able to communicate with your peers, instructors, and air traffic control will lead to increased safety, higher learning, and a more comfortable environment.

bose-cockpit Most airlines require candidates to speak at a fluent ICAO Level 6. This standard is set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It is part of most interviews and can be the difference between getting a job or not. During the fist week of orientation you will receive an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). This will establish a baseline for your English fluency from 1 to 6. Based on this metric students must complete from 1 week to 12 weeks of english tutoring..

In ordered to begin flight training students must speak and understand at a Level 4 ICAO. Often English taught in foreign countries is very good grammatically and on paper, but the lack of opportunities to practice the spoken language mean that the verbal skills fall behind reading and writing in English. Students below a level 3 in English are encouraged to seek an intensive English program in their home countries before coming to the United States.

Source: wayman.net