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Top Aviation Schools in USA

Aviation School / May 27, 2022

The top aviation schools in America train students to work at the top of their industry.By browsing the Internet, you can find multiple lists that rank top aviation schools and programs in the U.S. Before subscribing to a list’s credibility, you must first do a little research and determine the basis for ranking aviation schools. According to the website, a school must be a four-year institute granting bachelor degrees to be considered for their list, and the school must have appeared in one of the major top-50 ranking systems in the last year. They also state that academic quality is determined by a program’s acceptance rate, the student-to-faculty ratio, enrollment rate, student satisfaction, retention rate and six-year graduation rate. Lists like this are credible resources for finding the top aviation schools in the country.

Hallmark College

Ranked number one by and located in Texas at the corner of San Antonio Airport, Hallmark College’s Aeronautics Campus offers associate's and bachelor’s degrees to students looking for advanced training in aviation mechanics. Students can earn an Associate of Applied Science of Airframe Technology, a degree in power plant technology or the two combined into a single associate’s degree program. Students can also enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Management program. Students are taught to diagnose aircraft problems and complete repairs, with emphasis placed on experimental learning through skills taught in the classroom. The curriculum’s requirements adhere to the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, guidelines guaranteeing that students are qualified to take FAA administered exams.

WyoTech Aviation Schools

With locations in Boston and Oakland, WyoTech offers courses on both coasts that prepares students for careers as airline technicians, helicopter operators and helicopter or airplane manufacturers. ranks WyoTech number two on their top-ten list of the best aviation schools in the country. Students benefit from WyoTech’s hands-on training in labs filled with the newest equipment. They learn from working with aircraft system mock-ups under the supervision of industry experts. They are trained to inspect, maintain and repair aircraft. The curriculum imparts knowledge of engines, brakes, electrical systems, landing gear and aircraft structures.

MIAT College of Technology

The MIAT College of Technology offers students a broad range of educational options that prepare them for an array of professions within various industries and technical fields. The aviation program trains students in gear systems, general operations, sheet metal fabrication, hydraulics, composite structure fabrication, pressurization, ice and rain protection systems, heating and cooling, metal corrosion and prevention, radio and navigation systems, fuel control and a number of other specialties. MIAT College of Technology is a popular school for veterans and was listed in “G.I. Jobs Magazine” as a top military-friendly school, an honor it held from 2010-2013.

Academy College

Ranked fourth by The Best, Academy College is a private school and the only one in the list of the top four to include pilot training in the curriculum. Academy College offers associate's, bachelor’s and certificate programs in aviation, computer technology, business and finance, digital arts and health courses. Aviation students can earn the Associate of Applied Science degree in professional piloting or aviation business. Pilot programs are FAA approved and offer flight training in a multi-engine aircraft. Students benefit from being taught by pilots while establishing connections in the industry with its working professionals. The aviation business program covers courses in private pilot flight training and aviation principles, as well as business and computer courses.

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