Aviation Ground School Instructor Jobs

Aviation School / September 20, 2022

The chart below compares how this increasing rate affects your monthly earnings.

Estimated Monthly Earnings Based on Hours Flown

Benefits of Instructing with ATP

  • Earn up to $42, 000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement, based on how much you fly.
  • Weekends off.
  • Gain ATP’s assistance with regional airline job placement.
  • Build multi-engine and total time quickly to meet airline and corporate hiring minimums.
  • Work with dedicated, motivated students.
  • Fly the largest fleet of standardized multi-engine aircraft.
  • Free housing available during proficiency flying in Jacksonville, FL or Phoenix, AZ.
  • Housing, furnished with no lease obligation, is available at training centers for reduced rates.

Guaranteed Training Center Selection

ATP guarantees your preferred training center after completing the instructor proficiency program. Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule your instructor proficiency program and lock-in your training center assignment
  2. Complete the instructor proficiency program in Jacksonville, FL or Phoenix, AZ
  3. Begin instructing at a temporary training center assignment (if your preferred training center is not immediately available)
  4. Transfer to your preferred training center in 4 months or less

Real-Time Availability

Lock-in your guarantee by scheduling your instructor proficiency program start date. Guaranteed availability is updated real-time.

“Transfer in 4 Months or Less”

If your preferred training center shows “Transfer in 4 Months or Less”, ATP will offer you a temporary assignment immediately after completing standardization. Guaranteed within 4 months, ATP will transfer you to your preferred training center. This allows you to immediately begin building flight time as a CFI, help ATP meet our students' needs, and transfer to your preferred training center on a defined timeline.

“Possible Future Transfer”

If your preferred training center shows “Possible Future Transfer”, ATP will offer you a temporary assignment. While at your temporary assignment, you can continue to monitor the availability of your preferred training center and request a transfer if it becomes available.


Your guaranteed assignment is reserved at the time of scheduling your instructor proficiency program. The 4-month clock starts upon completing the instructor proficiency program.

In some cases, ATP may ask you to continue training your assigned students to a suitable transition point before transferring to your guaranteed training center. For example, if your students are almost ready to solo, ATP may ask that you help get them to that milestone before transferring.

Instructor Proficiency Program

To instruct for ATP, you must be able to fly to Airline Transport Pilot standards in the right-seat of a Piper Seminole. This level of proficiency is required due to the flight training demands by our customers for ATP Certificates and CFI ratings.

To ensure this level of performance, you must successfully complete a proficiency program provided by ATP at no cost to you. The instructor proficiency program in Jacksonville, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona includes approximately 4 hours of multi-engine time and 4 hours of single-engine time with an ATP Flight Standards Manager and Chief Pilot. Plus, you will receive unlimited access to multi-engine FTDs to stay proficient.

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