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It started as School of Aviation Medicine at Bengaluru on 29 May 1957. The school was re-designated as Institute of Aviation Medicine in 1968 owing to its widened role and contribution to aviation medicine and aviation community. In the year 1989, the institute was re-designated, once again, as the Institute of Aerospace Medicine following recognition by Russian Space Agency and NASA as a centre for medical evaluation of astronauts and conduct of life sciences experiments in space.



  • The important milestones in the growth of IAM include the following:-
  • (a) 1968 - Re designated as Institute of Aviation Medicine.
  • (b) 1968 - Affiliated to the Bangalore University for Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Medicine (discontinued since 1984).
  • (c) 1978 - Post Graduate Degree, MD (Aviation Medicine) was commenced under affiliation to Bangalore University.
  • (d) 1980 - Recognized by the National Board of Examination for Training and Examination for the Diplomat of National Board of Examination.
  • (e) 1982 - Selection of candidates for joint Indo-Soviet manned space flight.
  • (f) 1984 - Participated in the Joint Indo Soviet manned Space Flight with Indian Cosmonaut as member of the team. Medical monitoring of the cosmonaut and medical experiments on-board.
  • (g) 1985 - Recognition by NASA for selection of Astronauts and payload specialists.
  • (h) 1986 - Joint cooperation in the field of Aerospace Medicine with Soviet Union under the aegis of ICMR.
  • (j) 1989 - Re-designated as the Institute of Aerospace Medicine.
  • (k) 1997 - Institute affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.
  • (l) 2005 - Institute was conferred with Presidential Colours by honorable President of India, Dr.IAM Crest Abdul Kalam.
  • (m) 2009 - Commissioning of High Performance Human Centrifuge.
  • (n) 2011- Grade 'A' accreditation by NAAC.
  • (o) 2015- Awarded "Centre of Excellence" by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), Ktk.
  • (p) 2015- Awarded Unit Citation by Chief of Air Staff in recognition of the operational role of the Institute.
  • The Institute, being the only one of its kind in the country, has a multifaceted role as following:-
  • (a) Training of medical officers, aircrew and paramedical personnel.
  • (b) Aero medical research.
  • (c) Medical evaluation of military and civil aircrew.
  • (d) Aero medical and human engineering consultancy to the aerospace industry and DRDO laboratories.
  • (e) Aero medical support to Indian Human Space Programme.
  • (f) Therapeutic activities through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.