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Aviation Courses / June 25, 2017

People aspiring to make a mark for themselves in this field should first of all do a self analysis to find out if they are suitable for the profession because even though the job has high pay scales it isn’t all that glamorous as it has a long list of do’s and don’ts. Read more to find out how life is as an air hostess.

The primary criteria to become an air steward/stewardess are to possess a pleasing personality, willingness to take responsibility, good communication skills and having a positive attitude. Another aspect candidates should ensure is that they do not suffer from air sickness.

Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training

Age requirement: 18-24 years

Established in 1993, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training (FIAT) is a registered company in UAE which offers training in the aviation as well as hospitality sector. Frankfinn is a network of over 100 centres spread across 95 cities in India. It also has international centres in Dubai, Mauritius and Hong Kong.

The official website states, “It is the only institute/academy in India having exclusive worldwide tie-up with ICM – an institute of repute in UK”. Frankfinn also has plans to start its own regional airlines – Air Frankfinn.

This training academy has a tie-up with Emirates wherein the first round of interview for hiring of air staff for Emirates takes place at various Frankfinn centres in India.


The primary courses offered at Frankfinn include Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management (AHTM) and Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service (HTCS) course. The fee for AHTM is around 1.96 lakh rupees and for the HTCS course is around 1 lakh rupees. Other courses offered by Frankfinn include:

  • Certificate in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management (12 months)
  • Certificate Course in Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service (12 months)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Aviation and Hospitality Services (12 months)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Airport Ground Services (12 months)

Universal Aviation Academy

Age requirement: 17-25 years

Established in 1996, Universal Aviation Academy (UAA) with its headquarters at Chennai works to inculcate soft skills, communication ability, good conduct and behavior among its students. UAA has a very strict and elaborate selection process and the decision of the selection panel is full and final. The selection process at UAA includes the following:

  • Communication /Aptitude Test
  • Personal Interview

Candidates are only eligible to apply for this air hostess training academy if they have completed their Class 12 or are pursuing their Class 12 or junior college. Apart from this, candidates should also have strong communication skills.

  • IATA Certified Air hostess/Flight Steward/Hospitality
  • Master Degree in Business Administration-MBA in Aviation.
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration-BBA in Aviation.
  • Diploma in Airlines & Travel Management.
  • Diploma in Airlines Management.
  • Diploma in Air Cargo Practices & Documentation.
  • Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training with
  • On-job Training-Six months (Subject to Availability).
  • Diploma in Airfare & Ticketing.
  • Commercial pilot License.
  • Private Pilot License.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
  • Aeronautical Engineering.

Jet Airways Training Academy

Candidates are eligible to apply for selection at this air hostess training academy only if they have cleared their higher secondary course or 12th grade. After fulfilling this mandatory eligibility criterion, interested candidates need to clear the personal counselling and profiling round.

An attendance of 90% is mandatory at this air hostess training academy. Jet Airways Training Academy has its centres at Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. The headquarters of the training academy is at Mumbai.

As part of the training process, candidates are offered hands-on training exposure in spheres such as:

  • A visit to the Cabin Crew / CSA Center to understand operations
  • Hands-on training and operations in an actual aircraft
  • Visit to leading in-flight catering units to understand behind-the-scene work
  • Perform a mock onboard meal service
  • Certificate Course in In-Flight (90 days)
  • Certificate Course in Ticket Reservation and Check-In (90 days)
  • Personality Development (45 days)

Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation

Age requirement: 18-25 years

Established in 1928, this flying club offers one year diploma in aviation safety and hospitality. This air hostess training programme is offered by ex-cabin crew instructors of popular airlines.