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Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation

Aviation Academy / February 4, 2022

The Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation is a start-to-finish solution for anyone interested in becoming a pilot. Whether you want to be a commercial pilot flying for a major airline or simply require a private pilot license for personal travel and recreation, we provide the necessary training that will get you there. We also offer courses for existing pilots that want to add certifications to their pilot resume. Our IFR, CFI and Multi Engine Add-On courses will get any pilot on the fast track to success.

We love helicopters too! Our parent company has successfully operated a helicopter tour business for over ten years - with a perfect safety record! Our love of aviation is all-encompassing but there's a special place in our heart for helicopters. There's no better place to learn the in's and out's of helicopter flight than the Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation!

Boeing says 30k new pilots needed every year to keep up with travel demand! “The growing middle class in emerging economies like India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia means that people are spending more money on travel and tourism, ” says Sherry Carbary, Boeing Flight Services vice president. “So there is more demand for airplanes and for people to fly them around the world.”

Source: mbacademyofaviation.com