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Falcon Aviation Academy

Aviation Academy / June 4, 2015

The M-1 VISA allows a student to enroll in a non-academic or vocational study program. You must enroll in a course that is considered full-time. Full-Time enrollment dictates a minimum 18 hours of weekly attendance OR the minimum required by the academic institution to provide for normal progression towards completion of the program in which they are enrolled.

The U.S. VISA system can be extremely difficult and complicated to figure out. It is recommended to utilize all of the resources and links listed here to assist your application process.


You may be issued an M-1 Visa for up to one year. Extensions beyond one year may be granted under certain conditions.
Visas are available for accompanying dependents.


You are not permitted to change your course of study.
You and your dependents may not work in the U.S.
You may not be granted more than one Leave of Absence during your training and it may not exceed 30 days.
You must enroll in a full course of study and train on a full-time basis.
You must complete your program in no longer than 150% of the specified training time (i.e., a 30-week program must be completed in no longer than 45 weeks).
Proof of English Language Proficiency is required.
You must maintain health and accident insurance.
For more information, you can visit which is an official source of information about U.S. VISA Policy and Procedures. Use this site to learn about the visa application process, understand current requirements, and get updates on recent developments.


Be sure to follow the guidelines stated in the Falcon Aviation Application Process in order to accurately and best expedite your admission to our flight academy. The ability to financially support yourself outside of your training program will play a major role in your admission. You may also need to show proof of health insurance that will provide for any medical needs during your stay in the U.S.

Once Falcon Aviation has determined that your application is complete and that you are eligible for admission, we will send you your I-20 form. Once you have received your I-20, you are able to schedule your interview for the M-1 VISA.

When applying for a student VISA, you will be required to prove that you have strong ties to a residence in your home country, in which you have no intention of leaving AND that you will leave the United States when you have completed your studies. The more information you have that shows this, the greater the chances for approval.


1. Ownership of Property
2. Proof of Immediate Family Based in your Home Country (i.e. Parents, Brother/Sister)
3. Evidence of a Mortgage Payment
4. Letter from a Future Employer (with an indication of future employment)
5. Proof of Assets (Car, or other physical property)


Healthy: No inoculations are necessary unless you were recently in a country with such epidemics like cholera or yellow fever. You will not be allowed entry to the U.S. if diagnosed with HIV.
Law Abiding: You will be subject to deportation if you demonstrate criminal behavior.
Financially Able: You must be able to support all expenses outside of your training program while completing your studies in the United States.
Departure Intentions: Proof may be required to show that you have an interest in returning to your home country. See the above table for example documentation.

Source: www.faa-air.com