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Civil Aviation Academy

Aviation Academy / December 28, 2020

Estonian Aviation Academy is a state-owned professional higher education institution educating and training specialists for Estonian aviation enterprises and organisations. By today the education institution founded as Tartu Aviation College in 1993 and renamed Estonian Aviation Academy in 2008 has become a successful Estonian higher education institution in the study process of which the standards of Estonian higher education and those of international aviation are applied.
The Academy study process has been built on a flexible system of study modules. The studies are carried out at the first and second level of higher education, and at professional education level. The continuation education courses and retraining of the already practising specialists is provided to meet the needs of aviation enterprises.

One of the characteristic features of Estonian Aviation Academy is that teaching and training is carried out by experienced specialists from Estonian and foreign aviation enterprises and by the lecturers from other higher education institutions working on the contract basis. This helps maintain the stable high quality of education and training and its compliance with the requirements established by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which in its turn ensures the Academy graduates good opportunities in Estonian and European labour market.


The mission of Estonian Aviation Academy is to educate and train aviation personnel meeting international requirements, develop national aviation culture and support the research and development activities in the field of aviation.


  • Estonian Aviation Academy offers high quality aviation education based on general academic studies that shall meet the demands of industry enterprises and ensure the graduates’ competitiveness in international labour market.
  • The Academy has a cooperation network with higher education institutions, aviation organisations, scientific research institutions and other interested cooperation partners in Estonia and abroad for carrying out the study process and research and development activities.
  • The Academy has fully launched the study process in its new building at Ülenurme study centre.
  • The Academy is the centre consolidating aviation competence.

The Study Process

The scope of the full course is 240 ECTS credits and lasts four years. One ECTS credit equals 26 hours of learning and training. One academic year equals the average of 60 ECTS credits.

The studies fall into different phases (modules).

Basic Engineering Studies (1.5 yrs) which is carried out in cooperation with the University of Tartu.

Basic Aviation Studies (0.5 yrs). This module has been compiled considering the advice from Estonian aviation top experts and consists of subjects which form a necessary basis for professional activity in any field of aviation.

After two years of studies the students specialise in one of the five professional fields:

  • Air Traffic Services;
  • Management of Aviation Communication and Navigation Systems;
  • Aircraft Piloting;
  • Aviation Management;
  • Aircraft Engineering.

The above-mentioned first step of specialisation is Basic Professional Training (0.5 yrs) which provides foundation for further narrower specialisation.

This narrower specialisation takes place in Speciality Studies (1.5 yrs).

The instruction at the Academy is carried out in modern facilities required by international educational and aviation standards. The Academy has renovated lecture halls and classrooms equipped with modern technology (video data projectors, document cameras, PC-s, OHP-s, simulators and other equipment). The curricula have been confirmed by the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia and approved by Estonian Civil Aviation Administration.

Source: www.lennuakadeemia.ee