How to become a pilot?

Degree to become a pilot

The Aviation Professional Pilot Emphasis prepares students for employment with airlines as well as private and corporate operators. UVU graduates are employed by U.S. and International airlines, cargo carriers, and corporate flight departments.

UVU stands out as the top choice for students seeking an excellent safety record, rigorous flight training and great career placement. UVU operates the safest and most advanced training aircraft fleet in the world. This includes the Diamond DA20 Katana, DA40 Diamond Star, and the DA42 Twin Star (a performance twin-engine aircraft.) The all-Diamond fleet offers advantages in safety and maintenance costs which are reflected in our competitive aircraft rental rates. Our fleet of 23 aircraft allows training in "glass cockpit" (computerized instruments) and is maintained in our own FAA part 145 repair station, which no other school offers.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • AV-PP-01 Students will satisfactory demonstrate knowledge, maneuvers and skills of an instrument rated commercial, multi-engine pilot to FAA standards.
  • AV-PP-02 Students will manage all available equipment, systems and people in normal and emergency operations while mitigating threats and errors.
  • AV-PP-03 Students will self-critique their ability to gather available data, identify possible courses of action, evaluate risk inherent in each course of action and make appropriate decisions.
  • AV-PP-04 Students will produce professional quality reports and effectively present the information to an audience using appropriate technology.
  • AV-PP-05 Students will demonstrate self-directed learning to complete a professional industry certification, training course or an approved internship program.