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Accelerated Sport Pilot training

Pilot Training / February 18, 2021

Renegade Prepaid Accelerated Light Sport Pilot Training PackageInterested in learning to fly? The Sport Pilot license makes the dream of becoming a pilot affordable! We offer self-paced and accelerated private and sport pilot training packages. Becoming a pilot is more feasible than you might think.
Be a Renegade, contact us today for a FREE intro flight and see how easy it is to make your dream of flight a reality! Renegade Light Sport Aircraft Flight Training Specials! To celebrate the more than 5 years of providing quality flight training at KLXT in Lee's Summit Missouri, we are offering the following packages for a limited time. These packages are turnkey and include EVERYTHING you need to be a licensed pilot (books, FAA testing fee's, etc). We don't nickel and dime our students.Renegade Prepaid Light Sport Pilot Package - $4360!

  • Gleim/Renegade Sport Pilot training kit ($250 value!)
  • *Accelerated or self-paced schedules
  • *Train in the beautiful Falcon LS
  • *5 Hours of Solo time*
  • *20 Hours of Dual Instruction*
  • *5 Hours pre and post briefings*
  • *Flight Insurance for the duration of the course
  • *Pre-Flight Check? Prep
  • *FAA DE (Designated Examiner Fees)
  • *Headset, GPS and equipment Rental
*Same as package above except must choose accelerated option
*Two weeks of free lodging (pictures & amenities coming soon)
*EVERYTHING is included except food
* Hours based on FAA required minimums. Some students may require additional time to satisfactorily complete the FAA requirements.

Source: www.renegadelightsport.com