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Florida Aviation Career Training

Aviation Training / April 25, 2020

In April 2012 I have finished my US-PPL at your school Florida Aviation Career Training (“FACT”), which has been recommended by Dr. Klaus Schwahn, on his website and I am happy to give you feedback on my training.

FACT is in my opinion the first choice of flight schools in St. Augustine and I was wholly satisfied with the training. I would like to point out some points that in my opinion characterize your school and distinguish it from competitors:

- The quality of the training is extremely high. All my flight instructors, Donna, Roger and Björn have been very committed and have prepared me very well for the check ride and the oral examination.

- The atmosphere in your school is very good. I would call it even familial. I felt very comfortable from the very beginning, which I think is extremely important if you are in a foreign country. The airplanes are in a very good state and the fees are fair, particularly if compared to Germany.

I was very impressed about the number of happy customers I met in St. Augustine. There were many flight students from Europe, which were all enthusiastic about the quality of the flight training in your school.