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Aviation Training Australia

Aviation Training / September 30, 2019

Discover an exciting and rewarding career in Aviation

BestAviation.net has for more than 10 years given you access to the largest aviation training directory in Australia.

Varied landscape and vast open spaces make Australia an ideal destination to begin your aviation training. Start your search for an aviation school in Australia today. Whether you are seeking helicopter or a fixed-wing pilot training program, a CASA aircraft maintenance license or want to become a flight attendant, will help you find the best school for you.

Flight Schools in Australia

Australia offers some of the best weather and geography for flight training in the world. Optimum weather conditions provide an advantage for flight training in Australia and make flying possible year round. The licensing authority in Australia is CASA. CASA Licenses are respected and validated around the world as ICAO Pilot Licenses.

Helicopter Schools in Australia

With a very diverse geographic landscape, from mountainous areas to the large sprawling outback, Australia is an ideal helicopter training destination. Pilot training in Australia is a very cost effective option compared to Europe and Asia.

Source: www.bestaviation.net