Cheapest Aviation School in USA

Aviation School / January 1, 2021

Why Mauna Loa is the Best Flight School

Guest Article By Jork Van Eenaeme. Photos by Jon Davison.

This article was written by a graduate of MLH. The opinions within do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Mauna Loa Helicopters, our staff or management.

I’ve wanted to fly helicopters ever since I was I was a little boy, but it wasn’t until my sister gifted me a helicopter flight that I decided to put that dream in action. Like many things, my first priority was money. I spent two years getting my finances in order and during that time researched the best flight school and track I could follow. My initial research on licensing and costs began on forums. Since I’m an EU citizen, I would need a EASA license (formerly JAA). It became clear fairly quick that the cost of training in Europe was excessive. So excessive, that it would be cheaper first to complete training in the USA and then convert FAA license to EASA once returning to Europe.