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Cheapest Aviation School in the world

Aviation School / July 4, 2021

Want to become a pilot or have a career in aviation? Here are the best flight schools in the Philippines. Also discussed are the cheapest flying lessons and best pilot training schools in the Philippines.

Aviation is an awesome career. Why choose aviation as a career? The pay, the social status, and the awesome feeling of flying, what more can you ask for if you became a licensed pilot.

Best Flight Schools in the Philippines

More and more foreigners are enrolling to the aviation schools in the Philippines because it’s so cheap and the course of aviation training is so tough compared to other countries’ pilot schooling. For other countries, you are required to complete at least 250 hours of flying an aircraft to qualify to obtain a pilot license, in the Philippines, aviation schools will let you fly an aircraft with over 1500 hours within your pilot training. So it’s very impressive to obtain six times the requirement for you to really call yourself a pilot ;) Wouldn’t that be a great practice?

So do you want to learn to fly a plane or learn to fly a helicopter? Perhaps you just wanna be an aviation mechanic or to work under the aviation maintenance staff. You can enroll now on the top aviation technician schools because it’s so affordable. And have the best aviation job you dream of. Below are the top aviation schools in the Philippines. They are the best aviation schools in the Philippines, too. If you’re searching for the list of aviation schools, you’re in the right place. Read on and I’ve listed the best pilot schools in the Philippines.

Cost of Flight School in the Philippines

How much would you spend in a flight school in the Philippines?

Majority of flight schools presented in here offers flight course training package that cost from a range of $30, 000 to $35, 000 (USD) with food and accommodation already. Flight school package is for 7-8 months of aviation training. It usually includes commercial pilot course with instrument and multi-engine rating and covers:

Private Pilot Licence Course (PPL Course)
Commercial Pilot Licence Course (CPL Course)
Instrument Rating Course (IR Course)
Multi Engine Rating (MER)

Top Aviation Schools in the Philippines

If you want the most comprehensive flying lessons to be a private pilot and professional pilot, pick the best flight school for your aviation flight training. The following are the top flight schools in the Philippines which also accept international students.

PATTS College of Aeronautics – or the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services. This is one of the biggest school of aviation in the Philippines, founded in 1969 as a joint enterprise of Filipino and American pioneers in aviation. It offers courses such as:

BS in Aeronautical Engineering

BS in Air Transportation

BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

BS in Avionics Technology

BS in Industrial Engineering

BS in Airline Business Administration

BS in Tourism

BS in Hotel & Restaurant Management

Aircraft Technician Course

Its primary aim was to establish a manufacturing and assembly plant for trainer aircraft while its secondary aim was to put up an Aeronautical School to meet the domestic and international demands in the fields of aviation and air transportation industry. Visit

Airlink International Aviation College - offers Bachelor of Science in Aviation as well as an array of other aviation related courses, including Private Pilot Courses and Commercial Pilot Courses. Airlink International Aviation School is also one of the biggest aviation college in tha nation which is located near the domestic airport in Manila. It also offers two year aviation tech courses such as Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Avionics Technician courseand Junior Tourism Management course. See all pilot training programs at

Philippine Airlines (PAL) Aviation School - Pal has also opened a flight school to those who wish to become pilots. They offer Private Pilot Training Course and Commercial Pilot Course as well. Also available for multi-engine and instrument rating training, equipment qualification courses and flight instructor's license conversion courses. PAL's aviation school website is on their official site, too.

Omni Aviation Corporation – is one of the famous aviation schools in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia because it is located in Clark Freeport Zone (a US military base in the Philippines). Omni Aviation promises they provide quality education at par with world-class standards. They see to it that students fly with all the necessary requirements set by the industry, with no compromise and no short cuts. The skills and capabilities of students are paramount in their flying school. They just do not graduate students but they are proud to produce and train pilots who become adept not only with the flying machine but are also honed to acquire excellence of faculties to make right assessments and decisions. Visit Omni Aviation’s website to experience their high standards in aviation training.

National Aviation Specialist Academy – (NASA) they are dedicated in providing the highest level of aeronautical training to their specialist in gaining the competitive edge in the aviation industry. So if you want to become a fully fledged pilot and aviation specialist this flight school is one of the best. NASA’s school and planes looks so new and well maintained. Their programs includes

Private Pilot Fixed-Wing / Airplane PPL

Commercial Pilot Fixed-Wing / Airplane CPL

Multi-engine Rating

Instrument Rating IFR

Flight Instructor

Visit NASA online

Delta Air International Aviation Academy - (currently closed by CAAP) A young entrepreneur, a flight instructor, and an airline jet pilot with ratings on Boeing 737 and Airbus 320, Capt. Jeremias Testado founded Delta Air International Aviation Academy in the first quarter of 2001. His principal ambition is to provide excellent training services and produce well-disciplined pilot trainees at a sensible schooling cost. Delta Air also operates in Nepal. It offers Private Pilot Ground Course Training, Commercial Pilot Ground Schooling, Private Pilot Flight Training, Commercial Pilot Flight Training, Flight Instructor Course and Multi-Engine Course.

Delta Air International Aviation website

Alpha Aviation Group – It caters world class solution for international aviation. They are dedicated to creating a network of world class international aviation training academies that span the globe: from Europe, through the Middle East and South East Asia. Their pilot courses include:

Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR)

Multi Crew Pilot License (MPL)

Boeing 737NG Pilot Type Rating Course

Boeing 767 Pilot Type Rating Course

A320 Pilot Type Rating & Instructor Course

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Achievers Airline Academy - is a pioneer academy dedicated to career oriented courses in aviation and hospitality. It doesn’t only provide highly specialized aviation hospitality training and courses, the academy also provides job assistance after training. If you want to be under the aviation hospitality and travel management, this school is perfect for you. Plus it has numerous worldwide recruiters such as Indigo Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, Spice Jet, Shangri la group of hotels, Continental Airlines, Paramount Airways, Royal Jordan Airline, Jet Airways, and many more.

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