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Aviation Safety Officer School

Aviation School / September 24, 2020

Welcome to the International Military Training Webpage!

The International Military Training (IMT) Office supports international flight student officers from around the world attending the Advanced Flight Program at Naval Aviation Schools Command. Our mission is to ensure our international flight student's success! Courses that the IMT office supports are: Aviation Preflight Indoctrination (API), Aviation Safety Officer (ASO), Rescue Swimmer School (RSS), and Naval Aircrew Candidate School (NACCS).

The IMT office is standing by to support our International guests and flight students. Welcome to Pensacola, Florida, 'The Cradle of Naval Aviation!'

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 0730-1600 (And other times as our mission requires)

Contact Us:

International Military Training Office Contact Information



IMT Officer

(850) 452 - 2794

IMT Assistant

(850) 452 - 8493


(850) 452 - 4204

Source: www.netc.navy.mil