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Aviation Academy / October 18, 2020

Hello guys,

is there anyone preparing for admission at OAA for the APP First Officer? I´d like to know if anyone has any hints as to how to best prepare for the assessment (websites, books, etc) because the information provided here in the forums seems to be a little outdated!
The assessment has been modified last year to the ADAPT test, could anyone shed some light on it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers! :ok:

Can not remember fully but the maths was not to bad, physics a bit harder than the maths and the adapt you just really need to pay attention to what is being asked and show you are capable of improving. Sorry this is a bit breif but it is all I can remember

Thanks for the info RascoFlyer, Would you have any suggestions of where to practice the necessary material that is covered by the physics test? Also, they state they will conduct a "technical test", is this the physics test?

I went on the skills assessment in February and passed. Once you have booked a place you should be sent an e-mail with a breakdown of how the day will go. This pretty much covers everything and there aren't any curveballs during the day.

I used PilotAptitudeTest and whilst it wasn't that similar I do think it helped my to practise the same skills that they were testing. I have heard more Ppruners recommend SkyTest since passing though, so perhaps look there. I also used BBC GCSE Bitesize, and whilst it prepared me well for the maths test and mostly for the physics, it did miss a topic that was asked in the physics test. It was one of the harder questions, which are worth the most points. Unfortunately I can't remember what the question was so can't help you there.

Source: www.pprune.org