Private Pilot 3-Lesson Starter

Skills Needed to become a pilot

The first skill is a reasonable amount of intelligence and ability to comprehend and assimilate the abundance of training material needed in order to learn to operate an aircraft and to integrate that aircraft into the regulated airspace system.. Plainly, there is a significant amount of book learning involved.

Additionally, a methodical personality type is also important. Aircraft operation is all about procedures and adherence to checklists is fundamental to safe flying. Aircraft must be maintained to rigorous standards and pilots must have the patience to thoroughly check an aircraft prior to taking flight and be prepared to cancel a flight if something on the aircraft is not quite right.

There are also basic physical skills required-adequate eyesight, reasonable coordination and physical ability to manipulate the controls. These requirements are the reason a medical certificate must be obtained and maintained in order to utilize a pilot license.

An analytical mind is also a great asset. Flying an airplane is relatively easy when conditions are good-the airplane is functioning as it should, the weather is good and other pilots are performing as they should- however flight is a fluid environment subject to change and the pilot must be prepared to recognize an anomalous situation, determine a corrective action and execute the necessary action while remaining calm.

Much of flight training concerns itself with teaching the pilot what to do when things do not go as planned.

Not everyone has the patience, ability or temperament to obtain a pilot's license but for those who do succeed it is an accomplishment of which they are most proud. That is why it is said that one must earn a pilot's license.