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Pilot Training / August 23, 2022

Introducing CTC WINGS

CTC WINGS is the name for our global portfolio of ab initio (meaning – “from the beginning”) airline pilot career programmes.

Each CTC WINGS career programme is designed to prepare aspiring airline pilots, with little or no previous flying experience, to become licenced to operate as a co-pilot with one of our Airline Partners. Our goal is to develop high quality airline pilots who aspire to a future flying career as a captain and beyond.

Our full-time career programmes provide training and testing through both our Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) and Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) approvals. Programme duration is typically 70 to 78 weeks which is then followed by completion of aircraft type rating once airline placement is confirmed.

CTC WINGS provides full-time airline pilot career programmes for both our individual and airline customers - underpinned by unique sponsorship and Performance Protection opportunities.

There are two primary CTC WINGS Routes from which to choose – our ‘Whitetail’ Integrated ATPL career programme Route or one of our Airline Partner Routes, which may be through an Integrated ATPL career programme or an MPL career programme.

  1. Whitetail Route - placement with an Airline Partner occurs at the end of an Integrated ATPL programme.
  2. Airline Partner Route – placement with an Airline Partner is offered at the start of a programme – Integrated ATPL or MPL.

All CTC WINGS Routes are described individually through our Route Guides. Whichever Route you chose, the outcome is the same – a flying career with an Airline Partner*:

*Subject to graduates achieving minimum CTC WINGS standards and meeting specific Airline Partner entry criteria. 98% of our CTC WINGS graduates are placed with our Airline Partners.

CTC WINGS Airline Partners

One of our unique strengths is the significant commitment we give to the development of partnerships with employer airlines. Whether you enrol upon a ‘whitetail’ Integrated ATPL or an Airline Partner CTC WINGS career programme, you will benefit from these airline partnerships through the many graduate placement opportunities made available.

Our Airline Partners identify and resource some of their annual new co-pilot requirements through branded Airline Partner Programmes and many more * in addition from our Airline Placement Pool of graduates from the CTC WINGS ‘whitetail’ Integrated ATPL programme.

*98% of our CTC WINGS graduates are placed by us with our Airline Partners either directly into employment or through CTC FLEXICREW.

BSc (Honours) in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice

We also offer an option to earn a BSc(Honours) Degree through Middlesex University (UK) whilst you complete your chosen CTC WINGS programme, aircraft type conversion training and initial airline flying experience as a co-pilot.

What are the benefits to enrolling upon the degree programme?

  • An additional internationally recognised degree qualification for your vocational airline pilot training
  • Additional training and education modules from which you will benefit in your flying career
  • Access to the UK government student loan system (subject to meeting qualifying requirements)

Our degree option is a joint programme offered by CTC Aviation and Middlesex University, and was developed with the UK-based Aviation Skills Partnership. As you progress through your CTC WINGS career programme and airline flying, you will be awarded ‘credits’ towards the award of your degree.

There are two main entry requirements for applicants to the degree programme:

  1. To pass the CTC WINGS selection process
  2. To achieve a minimum of 160 UCAS points in secondary education (or equivalent)

The 2015/16 year Middlesex University tuition fees are £9, 000 per year, equating to a total £27, 000 fee for the complete three years of the degree.

£14, 500 of the Middlesex University tuition fee is offset against the fees for the CTC WINGS career programme. This leaves a balancing additional tuition fee of £12, 500 to include the degree within the CTC WINGS career programme.

Trainees from ALL EU member countries, who have not previously been awarded a UK Government student loan, may apply for an unsecured tuition fee loan of £27, 000 (3 years x £9, 000).

Trainees may also find there are government student loans in their own EU country that may offer additional loan support.

UK residents may also be able to access additional maintenance and other loans - subject to meeting the requirements of the Student Loans Company.

More information about applying for tuition fee and other loans can be found at Terms and conditions apply.

A separate Info Guide is available to describe this optional enhancement.

CTC WINGS Training Sponsorship

Training Sponsorship is one of the key ‘pillars’ of our CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes.

To earn the offer of Training Sponsorship from CTC Aviation, you must pass a rigorous selection process with our selection team at either our Airline Resourcing and Selection Centre - Dibden Manor (UK), or a country location set-up specifically for one of our Airline Partner programmes.

Training Sponsorship comprises three primary elements:

  1. Dedicated graduate placement service with one of our Airline Partners. 98% of our CTC WINGS graduates are placed by us with our Airline Partners either directly into employment or through CTC FLEXICREW.

1.Innovative funding solutions – provided through our unique security bond transfer scheme as well as a bespoke bank loan scheme with BBVA for airline pilot training.

  1. Performance Protection** – providing ‘peace of mind’ throughout training though the funding of:
  • All ground exam, flight skills test and licence/rating issue regulatory fees
  • Additional training (flight and ground), if required, without additional charge
  • Aircraft/simulator and examiner for repeat flight skills test, if required, without additional charge (including any additional regulatory fees)
  • A refund of monies placed with us to secure your Training Sponsorship should you fail to achieve the required level of competence for licence issue despite additional training and retesting

This Training Sponsorship represents a significant investment and commitment from both you and CTC Aviation. Therefore, you will be required to deposit a security bond for the Training Sponsorship, which will be held by Airline Placement Limited (APL)* whilst you complete your chosen CTC WINGS Route.

*Airline Placement Limited (APL), a wholly owned subsidiary of CTC Aviation, will sponsor your CTC WINGS ab initio training.

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